Atlas Pump

Mechanical Cylinder Lubricator

Cylinder Lubricator (MAN Type)

The cylinder lubricator is a specific volumetric pump with a plunger and barrel and is designed to deliver a specific quantity of lube-oil to the cylinder liner.
The main purpose is to reduce corrosion, friction and also to increase the sealing effect between the piston and cylinder liner.

K90MC K90, 98MC-C S46MC-C
L, S 50MC
S60MC-C S35MC, S42MC

ALPHA Cylinder Lubricator

ALPHA Cylinder Lubricator is controlled by electronic system and reduces corrosion, friction as well as increasing the sealing effect between piston ring and cylinder liner.

60MC(MC-C) 70MC(MC-C) Booster Pump

Air Starter

ASM 07 ASM 10

Centrifugal Filter

CP200 CP400 + CP600